Sunday, July 26, 2009

Malmö Ultra Bowl Results

Local residents and visitors alike were treated to a great pool party at Malmö Stapelbäddsparken this afternoon. The live webcast was a bit “hit and miss” due to technological hiccups, but the action on the scene and in the bowl kept those seated in the bleachers roaring for more. Here’s a few flicks of the action.

Final Results
1. Benji Galloway (US)
2. Steven Reeves (US)
3. Stu Graham (GB)
4. Johnny Turgesen (US)
5. Kevin Wenske (DE)
6. Tim Johnson (US)

1. Txus Dominguez (BAQ)
2. Nicky Guererro (DK)
3. Anders Tellen (DE)
4. Mattias Svenson (SE)
5. Jan Loften (SE)
6. Mark Munson (UK)
7. Gerd Rieger (DE)
8. Will Taylor (US)