Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ripping Off Skate Artists

First this is not my post i copied this from a website i tried to write it in my own but this post sounds better.

We were tipped off to this article that points to a the Reload bag company. It seems these bozos are producing bags that feature the artwork of Jim Phillips, VCJ, Alien Workshop and Neil Blender and giving them NO part of the almost $400 price tag. What?
From Neil: “That bag is a shocker. They’re using all kinds of graphics from companies.Vision? T.Hawk? Weird,wonder what can be done? Wonder if they even sold any bags, terrible looking items.”
So if you run across these and get tempted to spend a grip of cash (we hope you would notice how shitty they are)…don’t. Support the skate companies who support the artists, not biters.

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