Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SHUT Team In The Cayman Islands

On Monday, the SHUT team was preparing for a week of skate camp at the Black Pearl Skate Park in the Cayman Islands.
Javier Nunez, Todd Jordan and Luis Tolentino are guest councilorsfor the week and the SHUT ‘Concierge’, Michael Cohen, is playing chaperone.
The Concierge reports that Day 1 & 2 went great, with the SHUT crew helping kids, 7 years of age and up, with tips that range from dropping in, to how to properly ollie over a motorcycle just like Luis.
FuelTV will be on site tomorrow collecting the evidence for the Daily Habit.
Check in with the SHUTNYC site for all the action. If it’s not posted yet, give ‘em time, they’re on vacation.