Monday, July 20, 2009

Windell’s Web Cam/ Watch Live.

Courtyard Webcam

Jumps and Ramps

Concrete Jungle

Sandy, OR—Windells Camp is pleased to announce the newest addition to its campus: three fully interactive live streaming webcams. Now, viewers from anywhere on Earth can check out the fun that campers have every day at Windells.

Want to see all the new features in Windells Concrete Jungle? How about a game of knockout in front of the Super Awesome Information Game Lounge? Maybe you’d like to check out the visiting pros playing sponsor night games? All of this and much more is now accessible with just the click of a mouse.

Over the last twenty-two years, Windells has taken care to provide campers with a fun, safe environment in which to hang out and grow, after spending each day on the mountain. Now, anytime you want, you can join the excitement. Check out Fear Factor food challenges on the porch, pie toss in the courtyard or just look at every new feature as soon as it’s constructed, whether it’s additions to the concrete jungle, hand built jumps in the BMX course or any other new features around campus.

This isn’t the web cam of old, with fuzzy pictures and slow motion movements. Each newly installed Canon Network Camera can zoom in and out with perfect clarity and can turn 360 degrees. The first camera is on top of the Heshin’ Delicatessen and can easily view the courtyard in the center of campus. The second camera is on top of the back office and can view the bmx jumps as well as many of the concrete jungle features. The third camera is on top of Dex’s Shop and can view the basketball court, concrete bowl, vert ramp, and many other features.

Go to to check it all out! When you log onto Windells’ web cam site, you will be placed in line and when it is your turn to control the webcam, you’ll have 30 seconds to zoom, tilt, pan and shift the direction of the camera to check out everything you’d like to see at Windells. Kickflips, high fives, skateboard snake course races, counselors getting pies thrown at their faces, smiles and laughter—all at your fingertips.

Join in on the fun at the “Funnest Place on Earth” – now available right from your computer.


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