Monday, July 20, 2009

2009 Maloof Money Cup Pictures.

Nyjah Huston Backside Tailslide on the Uci Ledge

Here is a closeup of the Zoo York Bricks and on of the hardest obstacles on the course which is the Valencia ledge.

The World's Largest Skateboard was posted up outside the event. You might see Rob Dyrdek rolling down the boardwalk on this one.

Overview of the Mini Mega Ramp to the left and the Vert ramp on the right.

P Rod Nails a Kickflip Frontside Nose Slide on the Uci Rail.

Chaz Ortiz does a smooth frontside smith grind combo on the handicapped rail.

The 2009 Maloof Money Cup course was has some very interesting elements in it and it also ushered in another first in skateboarding which is the first competition on Danny Way's Mini Megaramp. The Mini Mega has a rollin which is about 30 feet tall and that throws you into a rail which ultimatly leads you in into the vert ramp. A lot of the runs on the vert ramp started off with the Mini Mega Ramp roll in. In no particular order here are some of the obstacles that are on the street course this year. All the items named below are replicated after famous skate spots such as the Uci rail and ledges, the Valanica ledge from Barcelona, the 3 up 3 down spot and the Pier 7 manual pad both from San Francisco, The Rincon Rail which was the first obstacle that was built in the course and it is also the Tech Dech sponsored rail and finally in the corner you have the Zoo York Brick Banks which are taken from the Brooklyn Banks in New York.


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