Thursday, July 16, 2009

Powell’s FUN! Video

After a nine year hiatus, Powell’s newly released skate video FUN! is one that celebrates the creative gnariless of its youthful roster of skaters and rises to the occasion on many levels. Upon watching the video footage in its entirety of 36 minutes (not including the bonus section) I was blown away by how hard hitting the whole video was. In this day and age, after you watch a skate video a few times there’s bound to be a part you’ll skip or get sick of viewing. But with Powell’s video effort here, it’s akin to a really good classic rock album where you can play the whole enchilada from start to finish over and over again and you drawn inspiration from it and don’t get bored whatsoever.

From the opening part featuring Josh Hawkins to the “over-the-top” ender with the brand’s newest professional Jordan Hoffart, the stable of Powell’s youngest riders is the focus of FUN! along with a few cameo tricks with Steve Caballero and other friends thrown in the edits as well. Dallas Rockvam, Derek Elmendorf, Aldrin Garcia, John White and Ben Hatchell definitely put together solid parts with good style and banging tricks all over the map. But perhaps most notably, Ben Hatchell blew the damn roof of this video with his well-rounded versatility and deep bag of heavy stunts. I don’t think there’s any terrain that this kid can’t step up to and properly destroy.

All in all, this video is a must see for any skateboarder that lives and breaths for unique spots and progressive skating.


Jevon said...

thanks for da comment but yeah i saw it resently what do u think of the best i ever had vid?

Jevon said...

Yeah same here. its a good feeling. But I like the lyrics too not so much the vid haah

Mz_Roqstar said...